Tips of operating the CNC router machine

 2018-03-20 16:55    136

CNC router

1. Before using the engraving machine and during the engraving process, check that the cooling system (water pump) and lubrication system (oil pump) of the motor are working properly.

2. When the engraving machine spindle rotates, it is forbidden to touch by hand and approach. Because when the engraving machine is working, the spindle speed is 0-24000 rpm, avoiding accidental damage.

3. Engraving machines, in particular woodworking engraving machines and Stone engraving machines, jade carving machines pay attention to frequent cleaning debris, to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

4. When the engraving machine fixes the material, it must obey the principle of “flatten the material and then fix it”. It is forbidden to engrave on the suspended material. In order to prevent the material from being deformed, the thickness of the material is more than 2mm larger than the engraving depth.

5. Before installing tools must clean up the debris at the installation site.

6. When installing and uninstalling tools, adjust the nut can not use the push and pull method, use the rotation method.

7. The length of the leakage of the tool is determined by the engraving depth and the influence of the workpiece and the collect. Expose the shorter length as much as possible.

8. It is forbidden to put anything on the gantry of the machine to avoid falling and causing injury.

9. Do not sit on the machine or rely on the machine during operation.

10. Before the engraving machine works, it must set the starting point of X.Y.Z axis correctly. After changing the tool, you must redefine the cutter point from the Z axis. You do not need to change the cutter point from the X.Y axis.

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